Using the pricing tool

The pricing tool helps you cost out drink mixes, food plates, and product size variations (ie. pitchers, carafes, multiple pour sizes) accurately - based on a product's standard pour size and regular price.

Bar Cop drink mix pricing tool

One of the most important parts (and often overlooked) of inventory control is having drink mixes and size variations priced out correctly. Every mixed drink should be cost out based on the standard pour size and price of each product in the drink mix. A pitcher of beer (or glass size variation) should be cost out based on a standard glass pour size and the regular price of that glass. Costing out mixes correctly ensures an accurate inventory.

Let's price out a drink correctly.

Enter the pour size (mix size) of each product that goes into a drink mix. For example: If you sold a top end Long Island with .5 ounces of Absolut, Bacardi, Beefeater, and Cuervo Gold, enter those the mix sizes to calculate the correct sell price range for that drink mix based on each product's normal pour size and price. You can do this by clicking the notepad icon and entering the mix sizes or selecting the cells and directly typing the sizes in.

Bar Cop drink pricing 2

Bar Cop will show you the pour cost, gross profit, and the optimal price range you should charge for that drink mix. You should never charge less than the low side of the price range. The high side is your optimal sell price when cost out correctly.

Things to know:

1) You cannot use the pricing tool before setting up your products in the main product setup section.

2) Remember to never sell a drink or product for a lower price than the low side of the calculated optimal price or you are discounting your product pricing too much.