Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants everywhere.

Entering adjustments

Bar Cop takes your product usage and compares it to your sell prices to calculate your theoretical sales (or what should have been rang into your register based on the amount of product used). You want the theoretical sales to be as accurate as possible, so at times you might need to make some adjustments.

What are adjustments?

Adjustments can be happy hour or discount pricing, spillage, or anything else that would change the theoretical sales. To get started with adjustments, open up your current inventory period file and from the main menu click "Enter Adjustments". Then select the category that you want to make adjustments in.

Bar Cop making adjustments 1

Enter any adjustments you need to make during an inventory period.

Let's look at price discounts. If you run a special on Absolute shots, enter the discounted price you will be selling them for and then enter the number of drinks you sold at the discounted price. Bar Cop will then calculate the adjustment that needs to be made to the theoretical sales. If you keep a spill sheet, you will also want to enter the number of products spilled. You can also make miscellaneous adjustments plus or minus as needed.

You can enter adjustments by clicking the notepad icon or directly into an adjustment cell by clicking on the cell and typing (or with voice command).

Bar Cop adjustments 2

Any adjustments made here will automatically carry over and adjust the calculated theoretical sales in analytical reports and profit/loss reports. When you are finished making adjustments, save the file.

Things to know:

1) Adjustments effect the final calculated theoretical sales in analytical and profit/loss reports. For precise usage data and a true comparison between theoretical and register sales in profit/loss reports, adjustments need to be entered as accurate as possible.

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