Using the price calculator

When you start using Bar Cop, you will setup your products and enter your current price per pour or serving. The price calculator shows you how price changes will affect your cost percent and profit margins without having to change setup data.

Bar Cop Price calculator

In each main category you will see a list of your products with the cost percent and gross profits calculated from your current price entered in product setup. To calculate a new cost percent and gross profit for a product, enter a different price in the "New Price" column for that product. You can do this by clicking the notepad icon and entering the price or selecting the cell and directly typing the price in.

Bar Cop product pricing 2

If you decide to change a product sell price, go back to product setup and change it there.

Things to know:

1) You cannot use the price calculator before setting up your products in the product setup section.

2) If you decide to change a product's price, you need to wait to change the price until you start a new inventory period. Do not change product prices during a current inventory period cycle.