Saving your inventory files

To keep historical data of each past inventory (keep a saved file), you must save each new inventory period file with a new name. Your very last saved inventory period file will always be used to create a new file for the next inventory period (see creating a new inventory file).

Important: Frequently save files as you enter new data into them (to help prevent data loss if your computer crashes).

To save a file, you will use the save file icon located in the set of feature icons.

Bar Cop Save File

When you click on the save file icon, the save file dialog box will open.  *The save dialog box may look different depending on your Windows OS settings.

Bar Cop Save File 2

Once the save dialog box is open, click the drop down arrow to select the location to save your inventory file. Navigate to the "Saved Inventory Files" folder that was included with the software download if that is where you want to save your files.

Bar Cop Save Files 3

Next you need to name the file you are saving. If you are saving a new inventory period file, we recommend saving it as your inventory period dates. However, this is not a requirement and you can name your saved files whatever you want to.

Bar Cop Save Files 4

With the save in location selected to the right folder and your new file name entered, click save.

Bar Cop Save Files 4

You have now saved your file and can continue working.

As mentioned earlier, you should save your files frequently while working on them. Once a file has been saved as a new name and you want to save it again to save work in the current file (not changing the name), click the save file icon. This time when the save dialog box opens, the correct file name is already entered.

Bar Cop Save Files 5

All you need to do is click the "Save" button.

The "confirm save as" dialog box will open, making sure you want to replace the file currently saved file with the new one. Click yes to replace it.

Bar Cop Save Files 6

That is saving files in Bar Cop.

Saving a file does not close Bar Cop. When you are finished working on your file and ready to shut Bar Cop down, click the "X" in the top right corner. Click on "Close Bar Cop" to continue. Bar Cop will save your data one last time and close.

Bar Cop Save Files 6

Backing up inventory files: It's important to backup your inventory files to an outside source to protect data loss from computer crashes/malfunctions. You can backup your inventory files easily by copying them to a USB flash drive or burning to a CD. You should always backup your most current inventory file off of your computer at the end of each inventory period.

Things to know:

1) When you close Bar Cop, all of your data is saved one final time automatically. If you need to change something before closing, click "Cancel". If you have created a new inventory file, make sure to save the file as the correct new name before closing. When you close a file it will save as its current file name.

2) We recommend making frequent saves as you work on entering inventory data. This will help protect you from losing entered data in situations like a computer crash.