How to enter your data

Bar Cop is setup so you can enter data in a number of different ways, making it easy to find the best solution for you. You can manually type in data, use the built-in notepad forms, use voice command to enter data by talking, copy/paste data from outside sources, and when weighing bottles use a connected scale to transfer weights automatically into Bar Cop.

No matter which section of the program you are working in, data is only entered in grey cells. Columns with white cells are automatically filled in by the program. At the top of each column that you enter data into, you will see a "+" symbol. Click the plus symbol to see details on what to enter into that column and a link to the corresponding online help doc if you need it.

Bar Cop software data entry

Entering data using the notepad...

To enter data with the notepad, click the notepad icon, select product from the drop-down, and enter the required information.

Bar software data entry

Entering data directly into cells...

To enter data directly into a cell, first select the cell that you want to enter data into, then manually type the data in or use voice command to enter the data by talking.

Bar software easy data entry

To learn more about using voice command, entering data using the paste feature, or transferring weights with a connected scale check out the following help docs.

Using voice command (see voice command data entry)

Copying & pasting data (see how to copy & paste data)

Weighing your inventory (see how to weigh your inventory)

Things to know:

1) Data is only entered into grey cells that have a "+" sign next to the column header name. You can click the plus sign for a brief description and example of what to enter into that column.

2) Inventory data entered in counts, purchases, and adjustments are automatically deleted each time you create a new inventory file. Never delete entered inventory data in these sections manually, unless you absolutely need to change a number. Sections like shift checks, pricing calculators, price tool, par adjustments, calendar entries, etc. have a start over (delete) icon next to the notepad. These sections do not automatically delete when creating a new inventory file and are only deleted when clicking the start over icon.