Using the dashboard

Bar Cop Inventory Software Dashboard Menu

After launching Bar Cop, you will always land at the dashboard first. From the dashboard, you can manage your subscription, get quick insights to your current inventory data, and quickly access every section of Bar Cop. On the left side, you will see the main program menu.

Bar Cop Inventory Software Dashboard Icon

The top left Bar Cop logo can be clicked from any location in the program to return to the dashboard.

Bar Cop Inventory Software Dashboard Features

Directly to the right of the blue logo there is a question mark icon. This icon is located on every page of the program and can clicked to take you to the online help doc for that section. You must be connected to internet to use this feature. *Note: If you click the help doc icon and your web browser does not open, you need to set your web browser of choice as the default browser in Windows settings.

Bar Cop Inventory Software Dashboard Features
At the top of the main menu are the quick click feature icons. These include: Help doc menu, support contact, print, save, resize screen, copy, and paste.
Bar Cop Inventory Software Dashboard Features

(see learn how to print data)

(see learn how to save inventory files)

(see learn how to adjust screen size)

(see learn how to copy and paste)

Each time you start a new inventory period, you will create a new inventory file. Bar Cop does this automatically for you, by clicking on "Create Inventory" (see Create a new inventory).

Bar Cop Inventory Software Dashboard Create File

Once you've completed your first inventory, Bar Cop will chart inventory insights of important data metrics for each main category. For a complete in-depth look at your inventory data, click on "View Analytical reports". Enter inventory notes to keep an updated to-do list, so your inventory process stays simple.

Bar Cop Inventory Software Dashboard Inventory Insights

Things to know:

1) When the days left is "0" on your subscription expiration countdown, you will lose access to Bar Cop at the end of that day. To continue using Bar Cop, you must get or renew a subscription period to receive a new activation key.

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