Adding and deleting rows

You will need to add product rows when you first setup Bar Cop with your master lists of products and in the future when you add new products to your inventory or delete rows when you remove products from your stock. To do this, you will use the "Add" and "Delete" buttons located on the top right side in each category setup section.

Bar Cop add rows

Let's learn how to add a row(s):

To add a row(s) in product setup, the first step is selecting a cell in the product name column where you want the rows to go. A row will always be added under the selected cell. You can select any cell from the first product row to the last product row.

Bar Cop add rows 2

Once you have selected a cell in the product name column, click the "Add" button. The add row(s) dialog box will open. The default number of rows to add is 1. You can change this number as needed. For example: If you have 120 liquor products, when first setting up the program you might want to add 110 rows to get started (Bar Cop comes standard with 20 rows already in each section). Or you can add one row at a time as you enter a new product. That is up to you.

Bar Cop add rows 3

IMPORTANT - Do not click the OK button until you have selected a cell in the product name column. *You cannot add a new row above the first product row by selecting the header column.

Now let's add a row between products.

When you add a new product to your inventory, you will want to add that product in the right order (in product setup we recommend putting your products in alphabetical order). To do this, select the product name above where you want to add the new row and click the "Add" button and then OK.

Bar Cop adding rows 4

The new product row has now been added underneath the selected product name and ready for you to enter the new product to your inventory.

Bar Cop adding rows 4

Let's learn how to delete a row:

To delete a row in product setup, the first step is selecting the cell in the product name column of the row that you want to delete. Once you have selected the product row that you want to delete, click the "Delete" button and the delete row dialog box will open. Unlike adding rows, you can only delete one row at a time.

Bar Cop delete rows 6

When you are ready to delete the row, click YES and that product row will be deleted.

Things to know:

1) When adding a new product or deleting an existing product in a current inventory, there are a few steps to take (see adding and deleting products).

2) Once the add or delete row function has been completed, it cannot be undone. If you add or delete a row on accident or incorrectly, close the program without saving and then reopen it.

3) When you add or delete a row into product setup, the same changes are made throughout most of the program, with the exception of inventory locations (see inventory locations setup) and the shift check section.

4) The add and delete buttons are located in each inventory location and shift check section and the process using them in those areas is the same.

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