Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants since 1998.

Adjusting screen size

Bar Cop comes set standard to fit the screen of a 15" laptop or tablet with the screen resolution set at 1366/1360 pixels wide. If you are using a computer with a larger or smaller screen resolution, you can shrink or enlarge Bar Cop to fit your screen better. To do this, use the resize screen icon.

Bar Cop adjust screen size

When you click on the resize screen icon, the screen size adjustment dialog box will open. You can now adjust the Bar Cop program to fit your screen better.

Bar Cop Magnify 2

The standard magnification is 100, so to make the program smaller enter a number under 100 and to make it larger enter a number over 100.

Bar Cop Magnify 3

You will need to adjust in small increments until you get the right fit for your screen resolution. If you adjust too small or too large, Bar Cop may become unreadable. If this happens, adjust back the opposite direction until the text is readable again.

To return Bar Cop to the standard size, enter 100.

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