Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants since 1998.

Installing Bar Cop

After purchasing the software, you will receive an email with the software attached to download.  Bar Cop is built in Excel (you can only use Bar Cop on a computer with a full PC version of Excel 2013 or newer installed), so there isn't a technical installation process.  To use Bar Cop, you simply need to download the zip folder to your computer and launch the Bar Cop software file.  To get started, follow these steps below...

Step 1: Download and save the zip folder containing the software to your computer's desktop. NOTE: The process to download the zip folder may be different depending on what web browser/email platform you use. For help downloading attachments from you specific browser and email platform, see their specific help documentation.

Step 2: Once the zip folder is downloaded onto your desktop, open the zip folder by double clicking on it.

Bar Cop software setup

Step 3: The zip folder should open and you will see the main Bar Cop software folder. Drag the main folder out of the zip folder and drop it onto your desktop.

Bar Cop software setup

Step 4: The main Bar Cop folder should now be on your desktop. If the main folder does not look like this (instead has the normal plain folder image) you can easily add the Bar Cop logo icon by following these quick steps.

Bar Cop software setup

Step 5: Double click the Bar Cop folder to open. You will see three items: The Bar Cop application, a folder named "Saved Inventory Files", and an image folder. Double click the Bar Cop application to launch the software. The first time you open Bar Cop, you will need to enable macros for the software to function. Click the enable content button to continue.

Bar Cop software setup

Step 6: After enabling macros, Bar Cop will automatically continue the loading process. Loading time is about 45 seconds, however it may take a little longer depending on your computer and version of Excel.

Bar Cop software setup

Please do not click your computer screen or click away from the loading screen during the process. Once the loading status changes to "All Done", the software dashboard will load and you are ready to go.

Bar Cop software setup

Things to know:

1) You need to run Bar Cop on a computer with a Windows OS and a full version of Excel (2013 or newer) installed. This can be a laptop, large tablet, or desktop.

2) Using a laptop is recommended, however most large Windows OS based tablets should work.

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