Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants everywhere.

Printing inventory data

Bar Cop makes it easy for you to print out any information that you want within the application. To do this, you will use the printer icon located on the top right side.

Bar Cop Print

Go to the section of Bar Cop with the information that you want to print. Start in the top left corner of the header row and drag your mouse down and to the right until you reach the last row of information that you want to print.

IMPORTANT - Start at the top header row, so you will know what each column of data references.

Bar Cop printing inventory data

Once you have all of the information highlighted that you want to print, click the printer icon. The printer dialog box will open. NOTE: Make sure to have your printer turned on before clicking the printer icon.

Bar Cop print out 3

You should see your printer selected in the printer box next to Name. If your printer is not selected, close the dialog box, turn your printer on, lastly click the printer icon again.

You only need to make one change before printing

In the print what box located on the bottom left, "Active Sheet(s)" is selected. This needs to be changed to the "Selection" option.  This tells your printer that you only want to print the information that you highlighted.

Select "Selection" and click "OK" to print.

Bar Cop printing inventory information

The information you highlighted is now printing.


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