Liquor and keg inventory scales.

Stop guessing how much product is left in your bottles and kegs.

BC8200 Bar Weigh Scale
BC8200 inventory scale
Weigh liquor and wine, fast.

The BC8200 inventory weigh scale is a high quality scale that has the capability to weigh liquor and wine bottles every 2 seconds.

The USB interface connects directly to your laptop, automatically transferring bottle weights into Bar Cop software making inventory simple.

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BC1000 Bar Inventory Scale
BC1000 inventory scale
Weigh liquor, wine, and food.

The BC1000 is a large multi-purpose and economical scale that can weigh liquor bottles, wine bottles, and food portions in the kitchen.

This scale is made to use with voice command, making data entry hands-free and fast. You can optionally manually enter weights by typing.

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BC200 Keg Inventory Scale
BC200 keg scale
Small base draft keg scale.

The BC200 is a small base, rugged and durable keg scale that can weigh up to half barrel sized kegs and perfect for tight walk-in spaces.

This keg scale is made to use with voice command, entering data using your voice. You can optionally enter keg weights into Bar Cop by typing.

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BC200XL Keg Weigh Scale
BC250 keg scale
Large base draft keg scale.

The BC250 is a large base, heavy duty keg weighing machine that is built to handle draft beer inventories with a large amount of kegs.

The BC250 can be used with voice command to enter keg weights quickly using your voice or you can optionally enter weights by typing.

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Common Questions...
What is an inventory weigh scale?

An inventory weigh scale is an electronic device that records the weight of a bottle or keg. Once an open bottle or tapped keg is weighed, that weight must be entered into Bar Cop to calculate actual product usage and detect theft. Inventory scales on their own are not a complete inventory system.

Why should I weigh my products?

You have two options when taking inventory, weighing products with a scale or point counting (also known as "weightless inventory", "eye-balling", or "tenthing"). Weighing your inventory is the only way to accurately determine how much product you are losing to theft, over-pouring, free drink giveaways, etc.

What's the main difference between weighing and point counting?

When you point count, you are visually estimating the product level in a bottle. Factors like bottle shape, glass color, liquor color, and glass thickness all play a role in visual deception making the average margin of error when point counting around 15%. Weighing has under a 2% margin of error.

If you want to be serious about your inventory management and really stop theft, the only accurate inventory method is weighing.

Are most inventory apps just point counting?

If the app has a picture of a bottle, with a slider that you move up and down to the product level that you are visually looking at on a bottle.... yes, it's just another way to point count. The fact is, no matter what type of inventory software you use, if you are not weighing your products then you are just visually guessing how much product is in bottles and kegs.

Isn't weighing going to take a long time?

Not with Bar Cop. In fact, you can weigh and still cut down your inventory time to a fraction of what you're used to. How? By using voice command with Bar Cop. Inventory using your voice... it's simple to do. All you need is a good headset and Microsoft's free speech recognition software installed on your computer to get started. You can also use our USB weigh scale to transfer weights into Bar Cop in seconds.

How long does it take to receive a scale?

All orders are shipped UPS ground. In stock scales are shipped the same day when ordered before 2pm CST Monday-Friday. Orders placed after 2pm Monday-Thursday will ship the next day. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday and orders placed over the weekend will ship the following Monday. Please read our shipping policy.