Keg weigh scale

Large keg scale that weighs up to half barrels.

Liquor Bottle Weigh Scale
In Stock - $312
What's Included?
BC200XL Keg Scale
AC Power Adapter
One Year Warranty
bar keg weigh scale
The scale basics

The BC200XL keg weigh scale is a super rugged and reliable keg weighing beast.

  painted core steel platform
  weighs in pounds/ounces
  stabilize with leveling feet
  wall mountable display screen
restaurant keg weigh scale
Beyond the basics

This keg weigh scale might be big, but it can still weigh smaller kegs just as accurate.

  for use with Bar Cop software
  weigh up to half barrel kegs
  enter weights by voice command
  optionally enter data manually
bar keg weigh scale
The Scale Specs

Let's take a look at what makes the BC200XL keg weigh scale tick and then tock.

  weighs up to about 440 lbs.
  dimensions are 20" x 16" x 1.5"
  AC adaptor or 3 C batteries
  scale weighs about 31 pounds
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