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Tough and durable to weigh large draft beer inventories.

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BC250 keg scale

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BC250 keg scale
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1 year warranty
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About the BC250 keg scale

Weigh half barrel kegs easily.

The BC250 is a large keg scale that is contructed to handle weighing draft beer inventories with a good number of half barrel sized kegs.

The BC250 draft beer keg scale comes standard with a reinforced steel platform, leveling feet for better stability, and a display monitor with 6 foot chord.

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Beyond the basics

Mountable LCD display screen.

The BC250's large weighing platform makes it the perfect choice to weigh half barrels in walk-in spaces with room to move around in.

Large in size, the BC250 keg scale can still weigh smaller sized kegs accurately and data can be entered into Bar Cop with voice command or manually.

draft beer keg scale for weighing inventory
Scale details

The BC250 specifications

Constructed for heavy use with draft inventories holding a lot of half barrel kegs, the BC250 keg scale is built like a tank and protected by a 1 year warranty.

The BC250 has a weigh capacity of up to 440 pounds, a reinforced steel platform with the dimensions of 20" x 16" x 1.5", and powered by batteries for better mobility.


What can I weigh with the BC250 keg scale?

The BC250 large keg scale has a weighing capacity up to 440 pounds, so it can weigh up to half barrel kegs easily. The large base size of the BC250 was designed to handle long-term repetative weighing of inventories that carry a large number of half barrels. This draft keg scale still has the accurate weighing performance for smaller keg sizes too.

Can the keg weigh scale monitor continuously?

No, the BC250 large keg scale is not designed to be left in cold tempatures. The scale should be removed from the cooler and stored when not weighing at the end of an inventory period..

How is the BC250 scale powered?

This keg scale is powered by 3 "C" batteries.

Does the BC250 keg scale come with a warranty?

Yes! This keg weigh scale comes with a standard one year warranty from the time of purchase. Any mechanical defects (not caused by user) during the warranty include scale replacement if the issue cannot be fixed.

Can I use the keg inventory scale without software?

The BC250 keg scale is a standard digital weighing device that weighs in pounds/ounces. It will accurately weigh any keg in these units of measurement. However, when weighing draft beer, the scale alone is not a complete inventory solution. It needs to be used with Bar Cop's inventory software to calculate correct product usage.

How long does it take to receive the scale?

Please see our shipping and return policies for details.