Control Panel

When you launch Bar Cop - you always land at the control panel.

Bar Cop Control Panel

From the control panel you can quickly access each section of Bar Cop. On the left hand side you can customize Bar Cop by clicking "Locations Setup" and "Product Settings", or click support if you need help.

Bar Cop Control Panel 2

This is where you will enter in the dates for the current inventory period file you are working on. We recommend saving each inventory period file name as the inventory period dates (see saving inventory files). You can also keep track of how many days you have remaining in your current subscription plan. Before your plan expires, click the "Renew Subscription" button to continue using Bar Cop. If your plan expires and you lose access to Bar Cop, you can go here to renew.

Bar Cop Control Panel 3

If you are working in a section of the software, you can click the Bar Cop icon to quickly jump back to the control panel. The blue arrow next to the Bar Cop icon will undo your last data entry action.

IMPORTANT - The undo function will only undo the last data entered into Bar Cop, it does not undo core functions: added rows, deleted rows, creating a new inventory, cleared data, etc.

Bar Cop Control Panel 4

On the top right side you will see the "Top", "Magnification", "Save", and "Print" icons.

Bar Cop Control Panel 5

If you are scrolling down while working in a section of the program with a large product list, just click "Top" to quickly go back up. To learn how to use the magnification, save, and print functions, check out these help docs.

(see learn how to magnify)

(see saving inventory files)
(see learn how to print)

Once you've completed your first inventory, Bar Cop will chart a snap shot of important inventory metrics for each main category. You can quickly see usage totals in an easy to read graph.

Bar Cop Control Panel Inventory Snap Shot

Things to know:

1) When the days left is "0" on your subscription expiration countdown, you will lose access to Bar Cop at the end of that day. To continue using Bar Cop, you must get or renew a subscription period to receive a new activation key.

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