Dynamic Par Levels

Bar Cop starts calculating par levels for your orders, after you complete your first inventory period. Par levels will become more accurate over the next few inventories as the software gets additional usage data.

To make your ordering as accurate as possible for your establishment's needs, you can set a specific par multiplier in each main product category. The par multiplier is used along with your product average usage to calculate optimized par levels.

Par multiplier X average usage = calculated par level.

For products that perish faster like draft beer and food, you would want a smaller par multiplier than products that can sit on the shelf longer. You can adjust the par multiplier up or down, based on times of year when you may be slower or busier.

Bar Cop order management 3

How do dynamic par levels work?

At the end of each inventory period, Bar Cop updates each product's average usage for the next inventory period. When your product's average usage changes from one inventory period to the next, the calculated par levels will dynamically change too.  This ensures that your par levels are always trending with sales.

You can adjust a specific product's calculated par level by adding or subtracting a number to change the final current par level that orders are created from. For example: If you are planning to run a promotion on a product and you will need a larger order than usual, you can temporarily adjust the current par level higher.

Bar Cop order par levels

Dynamic par levels make ordering with vendors easy and hassle free.

Things to know:

1) Vendor orders are created by comparing each product's ending inventory to the current par level for that product shown in order setup. Final product orders are created when clicking "View Current Order".

2) Dynamic par levels are calculated at the end of each inventory period and the order created from those par levels should be used on your next vendor orders.

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